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Relaxation Massage for women

The physical benefits of massage are vast and include: improved
circulation, decreased muscle stiffness, better quality sleep and
strengthened immune response.  At Ananda Wellness, there is a special
focus on relaxation massage for women's health.  All of the relaxation
massage treatments include therapeutic foot reflexology.  Classic Swedish
and Lomi-Lomi massage techniques are used on the body to help release
muscle tension while increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage.

There is the option to include hot stones to any of the massage treatments.
Hot stones are especially popular in the fall and winter months as the
heated smooth stones combined with warmed oil are effective in melting
tension away. The radiating heat and weight of the stones ease muscle
tension and increase blood circulation.

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Ananda, a state of bliss or well-being, and a perfect description of how a reflexology or massage session with Zoe Lamb affects one's body, mind, and spirit.  I cannot think of a more beautiful path to complete relaxation and well-being.

                                                                                                - Susan Yates

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