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Ananda Wellness

Ānanda (आनन्द) is a Sanskrit word for 'bliss', inner peace and joy - it correlates to our highest state of being. Through practices such as wellness therapies, yoga, meditation, and spending time in nature, you bring yourself closer to those higher states and start to experience more contentment, peacefulness, and joy in your life.


The intention at Ananda Wellness is to engage the
body’s innate capacity for healing and recovery. When you regularly devote time to self-care practices the results are transformative.


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Find Your Wellness

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The deep calm I feel during and after each of Zoe's treatments is rare and precious.  The space she has created and holds for her patients is both blissful and restorative.  Her skill is marked and the encompassing care she offers shows in every nurturing touch: aromatherapy, hot towels, beautiful music... The Ananda experience is utterly sublime.

                                                                                               - Moe Hill

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